Immerse yourself in one of the world’s most spectacular monuments and discover the ideal fusion between different cultures and religions. 1,250 years after it was built, its perfect harmony is still so breathtaking that you’ll feel overawed among the forest of columns.

Finish your tour by an unhurried visit to the most important monument in the Islamic West. We’ll wander through the Mosque-Cathedral and stop to see all the details that will help us to understand the political changes and the evolution in thought from the late 8th century to the present time.

Pricing and details


1,5 h.


1-10 guests 100 €
For larger groups, please contact.



More information

Tickets are not included


It is recommended to buy the Mosque-Cathedral ticket in advance through their official website. Don’t worry we will help you to decide the best time to book it.

Why beCórdoba?

Total flexibility

The times and tours that we offer are fully adaptable. If you wish to visit somewhere that isn’t mentioned in the description of the tour, just let us know and we can go there.

Private guide

You will have a guide exclusively at your service, so you will be sure to enjoy the maximum attention and privacy.

A Cordoban will show you the city

You won’t just visit the most typical places but also explore less well-known details and discover places where normally only local people go.

No flags, microphones or umbrellas

I’m longing to show you Córdoba and my main aim is that you have an unforgettable experience, so you can be assured that you won’t feel like a sightseer when I accompany you.