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BeCórdoba brings experiences designed with love for you to know the city enjoying a passionate, authentic and totally customized tour.

The Private tours we offer have been created for you to choose the most suitable option to your way to discover this marvelous city.

But if you want something different and completely tailored, we are going to come up with your Bespoke tour.

Anyway, our tours are always unscripted which means flexible and original. And private to ensure the total attention of your guide and your privacy.

Explore of the beaten track streets, get the real stories of the city and know hidden taverns and workshops. Discover Córdoba as a local!

Explore the city at your path!

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We offer you a careful selection with the best city tours. You will find options to enjoy the most interesting places of Córdoba and itineraries designed with care which includes the essential places and monuments to understand this fascinating city.
Get the more interesting tour for you, choose the start time and enjoy it at your pace, with your own private guide.

Looking for a tailored experience?

If you don’t find a tour that suits your interests or you want to get a deeper knowledge of the city, we offer you a service to customize your tour.

Whatever is your idea, we are here to help you to design the unforgettable experience you wish.

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In BeCórdoba we are curious, passionate and enjoy the life that our city offers. We have a different vision of Córdoba that offers an authentic and deep perspective of this millenary city.

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