The city

Welcome to Cordoba, the city of ideas. Founded by the Romans in the second century BC, it grew into one of the largest cities in Hispania. It later became the capital of a Muslim caliphate that rivalled Byzantium in its influence in the tenth century AD. The city where Maimonides was born, it had one of the most important Jewish quarters in all Sepharad in the twelfth century. After all this, it was the place where Christopher Columbus attracted the interest of the Catholic Monarchs for his voyage in the late fifteenth century.

Today in Cordoba, following ancient traditions, they make filigree jewelry and cordovan leather goods that are true works of art. It is also the source of one of the most valuable olive oils in the world, liquor wines that delight the critics, and a fabulous, unrivalled Iberian ham.

You’ll fall in love with Cordoba, tasting a tapa of salmorejo, some egg-plant with honey, and a dish of bull’s tail, in a sun-bathed southern Spanish square, among buildings hundreds of years old. You’ll see how history, tradition and love are entwined in this magic place.

plaza regina cordoba
biblioteca viva al andalus cordoba
salmorejo cordobes cordoba

Be Córdoba

BeCordoba invites you to get to know the city and its surrounding area in a different way, paying attention to the details and savouring every instant to discover the soul of this land.

We offer tours that have been designed so that you don’t miss any of the iconic monuments during your stay in Cordoba: the Mosque-Cathedral, the Jewish quarter, Medina Azahara, the Castle of the Christian Monarchs, and numerous other amazing places that await to be discovered.

Go farther than the traditional tours and enjoy a complete, local and genuine experience. The ‘hand-crafted’ tour will be fully adapted to your needs, with a route made to measure and enjoyed at leisure.

Paco González, your guide in Córdoba

I was born in this beautiful part of Andalusia in the last century, at a time when Spain faced its future with hope and determination.

I spent my childhood running though alleyways, looking for caves and passages on the banks of the Guadalquivir River, discovering ruins and abandoned places in the surrounding districts, and little by little, the city revealed some of its secrets to me.

After working in several hotels in the city and then in a consultancy and as a teacher, in 2007 I moved to Helsinki, where I worked in the Spanish Tourism Office, promoting Andalusia in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

On my return, I decided to take a Master’s degree in marketing and began to work in rural and inland tourism projects, which enabled me to discover some of the richest, most authentic and unknown places in Andalusia.
Thanks to my love for southern Spain, together with my interest in history, tradition and culture, I was recognized as an official guide in 2015. I began to take visits to Malaga and discovered my true vocation. So I moved to Seville and began to specialize in private and bespoke tours.
In 2018, I finally returned to my native city and since then, with passion and pride, I have been showing visitors all the secrets that Córdoba has taught me.